NEK606 Offshore & Marine Cable

Cable Characteristics

Mud Resistant

The suitability of sheathing materials for use in areas in which the cables are exposed to drilling fluids is heavily dependent upon the type of fluid present. Each type of fluid contains additives which can have a deleterious effect on the sheathing material.
According to NEK 606, the mud resistant cables shall have a SHF Mud sheath that comply with the requirements in IEC 60092-359 for SHF2 and the below specified. The mud resistant cables shall be designed with sheathing compounds suitable for installation and operation in contact with MUD unless otherwise specified.


Oil Resistance

All thermoset sheathed cables shall be suitable for an oil production installation. The oil resistance properties shall be demonstrated by a test according to IEC 60092-359 SHF2.

Flame Retardance

The cables shall withstand the test specified in IEC 60332-3-10, -22, -23, -24, -25. Single, earth and bonding wires shall withstand the test specified in IEC 60332-1 or IEC 60332-2.

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance cables shall be tested according to IEC 60331-11, -12, -21, -25 and -31.

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